Day Care Administrator's Message

Warm Greetings and Welcome to St.Mira’s Day Care Centre

Stepping into its 9th Year, St. Mira’s Day Care Centre continues to take care of your little ones from the age of 18 months onwards

The care takers spend a lot of quality time with the children giving them all the love and tender care which is very much needed in today’s time, with both the parents working, the child at the Day Care needs to be taken care of with lots of love and affection and kept in a homely atmosphere.

St. Mira’s Day Care Centre provides such and ambience that the children are happy, stay  stress free in a safe and secure surroundings and they are dropped back home in the evening by the care taker’s personally.

A worthwhile journey from 2008 to now which has been quite fruitful and rewarding with a lot of cooperation from you all.

I thank all my parents fro trusting St. Mira’s Day Care Centre

Our Gurudev Dada J.P Vaswani says- Love is not Love until it expresses itself in action” and this is what we follow at St. Mira’s Day care centre.

Karishma Devnani
Day Care Administrator