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  Dear Parents, We are very glad to inform you all, that our school has secured 100% Result in Class X Board  
  Exam. Congratulations to all the Rank holders! Our School Toppers are Inderneel Bhojwani, Khyati Jain and  
  Sushanth Ravva who have secured 10 CGPA.     
  Sadhu Vaswani International School is dedicated to initiating the children on a path that enables them to become self learners, capable  
  of adjusting to the changing needs of the world. Spread over a sylvan expanse of three and a half acres, the campus has been designed  
  to provide the best learning environment. The school is located at Jayabheri Park, Kompally and is a co-educational, progressive school  
  affiliated to C.B.S.E.  
  The Mira Movement in Education was born out of the vision of a philosopher and an educationist- Sadhu Vaswani., himself a  
  distinguished Professor and Principal of prestigious institutions, Sadhu Vaswani was a visionary who believed deeply in the cause of  
  women education, long before feminism was even thought of. He founded the St. Mira’s School in Hyderabad Sindh in 1933. After the  
  partition, Sadhu Vaswani selected Pune as the headquarters for his work.  
  Sadhu Vaswani Mission, is a registered body founded by Sadhu Vaswani.  
  The objectives of the Mission are:  
  To spread the message of Brotherhood, Unity and Harmony.  
  To promote cultural and spiritual development by starting Educational Institutions and centres of training that concentrate on character  
  building, cultivation of the soul and social service.  
  To serve the needy, irrespective of colour, caste or creed.  
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