English Department

The Child is the Light And Life of The Nation

Pavani Dokka - Academic co-ordinator-High School.

Pavani has done her Masters in English Literature and B. Ed. With over 6 years of experience in teaching Pavani has been one of the pillars of SVIS as an English teacher. She enjoys teaching and has the unique ability to attract and befriend children with her caring and understanding nature. She has excellent communication skills and loves music. She has a flair for creativity and enjoys organizing and participating in cultural and annual events. She believes in team work; in achieving common objectives and has a very positive attitude. Dedication and commitment to her job are her forte. Children adore her and seek her company and advise when in need. 

Ayesha Shaikh

Life is the best teacher. A graduate of commerce from Osmania University, she has done her B.Ed from Nava Bharathi College of Education, Secunderabad. She brings along with her over seven years of experience in the corporate like Google, Vodafone and Lilly India. She has joined SVIS as a teacher for English, who teaches from V-IX. She believes that good communication skills are vital in today’s ever changing and challenging environment and she wants to equip the children with excellent communication skills so that they can face challenges in life. She believes in the overall development of the child and works delightfully towards it.

T. Arundati

She has done her Masters and her B.Ed too. She comes to SVIS with 10 years of experience and has taught classes from I to VIII. She is engaged in teaching Grade III at present in SVIS.

Ms. Indu Madhuri

She is an M.Com, M.Phil degree holder.She has done her B.Ed.She loves children, their innocence, forgiving nature and enthusiasm. She also likes to mould their energies. She feels happy that she has an opportunity to study and guide the little ones at SVIS. Yes, she has joined SVIS in the Pre-primary section as a Class Teacher of Grade III.

B.S. Padmaja - English

An M.A. B.Ed in English; Padmaja’s aim is to impart quality education to students. She has taught in St. Peter’s High School, The City High School and Sriram High School for 6 years. She is very confident about her work and wants to inspire at least 2 students to take up teaching as a career. She believes that it is important to build up a teacher-student relationship because a teacher is a second mother of a child in school.

K. Radha Madhavi

Mrs. Radha is an M.A. English and has an experience of working as a primary coordinator and high school English teacher for IVY League Academy. She is proficient in English literature and language and has a sense of development of English language teaching aids and experimental mode of language enhancement skills in middle and high school children.

Ms. Reena Rani Yadav

Having graduated from Ambedkar University with Public Administration and Sociology; Reena Yadav is presently pursuing her Masters’ in English Literature; as well as B.Ed in English and Social Sciences. She comes with an experience of three years in teaching. She is sincere and hard working and is a voracious reader. Ask her –‘Who has inspired you?’ and she answers promptly - Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. She has read many novels and has been inspired by his teachings and ideas. She has good communication skills and has the ability to work in difficult situations.

Shanthi Srinivasan

She has joined SVIS as an English teacher with B.A. B.Ed. as her qualification. She is pursuing her Masters from Osmania University. She has had 13 years of teaching English to school children. Her objective is to etch a long and satisfying career as a teacher while putting all her skills acquired to good use

Sakshi Rawlani

Sakshi Rawlani is a graduate with a B.Ed. degree in English and Social Sciences. She has worked in Chinmaya Vidyalaya, in Sister Nivedita and in Gitanjali School in Secunderabad. She is a quick learner and possesses gppd interpersonal skills. She is organized and ethical. She has recently joined SVIS as an English and Social Science teacher.

Ms. Suba Rajeswari

She has a Masters degree in Social work and won the academic proficiency award for the year 98-99 from the department of Community Development Madurai Institute of Social Science. She has the life membership in social work forum, Madurai. Asked why she has wandered into the teaching profession; she answers that she has been inspired by her parents who are both teachers. She has discovered that she loves teaching. She has joined SVIS as a co-teacher in the Pre – Primary section.

Arshya Sultana

Ms. Arshya is B.Sc, M.Ed (English). She has 14 years of experience as an English and Social Science teacher. She has done her stint in schools such as Unicent School, Sherwood Public School, Nature Waldorf School. Currently she is working as Grade 6 teacher for SVIS. She is self motivated with an immense flair for working with people.


Ms. Sushmitha believes in creating a learning environment where students are curious, motivated to acquire knowledge and bring out the best in them. She feels that students should be encouraged to develop moral values to become socially reponsible citizens