Science Department

The Child is the Light And Life of The Nation

Dr. Sucharita Roy

Dr. Roy comes to SVIS with a lot of experience inteaching high school students. She is a Ph. D in Biology. She was working in Gitanjali Senior School, Secunderabad and has also been a lecturer at Nicco Institute of Biotechnology. Her Thesis title was-Evaluation of Antifungal and Antobacterial properties in the Plant Extract of Catharanthus roseus. She has done her MSc. from the University of Kalyani. Her teaching philosophy is that every student has the capacity to learn and assimilate complex and abstract problems if these are well presented and well documented. She says that her primary responsibility would be to motivate students to enter into the world of expanding knowledge.

Ms. G. Bhuvana

She is an M.Sc. in Bio Chemistry and a B.Ed. with a first class from Osmania University. She has previously worked with St. Martins High School. What endeared her to the Interviewing panel was her positive attitude which is very essential for being with children.

Ms. Mandip

Mrs. Mandip is a B.Ed, M.Phil in Science, who takes inspiration of teaching from her mother and mother-in-law who also belong to the teaching fraternity. She is a soft spoken individual who has a good presence. Her 5 goals of achievement are; discipline, communication, encouraging every child, to help and respect others and impart understanding of the subject.

Ms. Subodh Pandey

Mrs. Subodh is an M.Sc in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology holding a B.Ed degree, she is a science teacher with 11 years of teaching experience. She has taught chemistry in The Jain International School. With a “Student comes first” attitude and an out-of- the-box thinker, she has been warmly welcomed to our team.

Deepa Sen Gupta - Primary Teacher

To be a part of an organization where her skills and capabilities are put to an optimum use and which gives a wide scope for professional growth and personal learning in building a successful career; is Deepa’s objective.Having done her double M.A. and B. Ed; followed by an M. Phil; Deepa has joined SVIS. Her subjects at her post graduate level were Child Pyschology and School Psychology. Earlier Deepa was involved in training and counseling students for Group discussions and Interviews. She used Psychometric tests and Aptitude and logical tests to assess student behavior and capabilities.

Ms. Glory

She has done her B.Sc. B.Ed. and has worked in Sherwood Public School and St. Peter’s Model School. She is hardworking, dedicated, and punctual and loves children as a mother would. She has joined SVIS as a Primary teacher to teach Science and English.


Shilpi Kumari has recently joined SVIS as a chemistry teacher for the secondary classes. She is a post graduate in Bio chemistry and has also done her B.Ed. She has taught in Pragati PG College and in Dayanand Sagar College as a lecturer. She comes with a five year teaching experience

Ms. Sharmila, M.Phil, B.Ed

Being a Post graduate and Master of Philosophy in Biological Sciences, she has a penchant for both basic and applied bio-sciences and has also excelled in the academia by securing University rank. A total of 7+ years of experience in teaching General Science and Biology for higher classes, mentored the students and played a pivotal role in conducting a Science exhibition to stimulate young minds. Proactively interact with students she shares the latest technologies and tries to enhance their analytical skills. Her hobbies are Listening to music, painting.

Swarna Latha

She has done her Masters in Mathematics from Osmania University and has had a 2 years’ experience in different schools teaching Maths and physical sciences to senior students. She has recently joined SVIS and is teaching Grade VIII, IX and X.

Ms. Padma Angara

She is an M.Sc. B.Ed. with Physics methodologies. She is has excellent interactive classroom management skills and has excellent communication skills too. She is confident, enthusiastic and a hard working teacher who is committed towards her duties as an educator. She has worked in St. Thomas Girls High School, Narayana Concept as Vice Principal, IIT Foundation, in Gitanjali Devshala and recently she has joined SVIS.

Mr. V. Ravi Dev Raju

Ravi is pursuing his graduation in Commerce. B.Com. He is our Physics Lab Assistant. Ravi is very dedicated and never refuses any work entrusted to him.

Mr. G. Abhinay

He is our Chemistry Lab Assistant and is pursuing B.Sc Computers. He is devoted to his work and never refuses any odd jobs given to him.


B.Lavanya is an M.Sc, Microbiologist and a B.Ed. She is very good at interpersonal skills and her teaching is result oriented. She is a Science/Biology teacher in our School. She comes with 2 years of experience as a Biology faculty. Her key personality traits are good interpersonal skills, self driven, adaptable and patient. Her hobbies are playing games, listening to music and dancing.

Ms.B. Kavitha

She has done her M.Sc  in Organic Chemistry from Sri Krishna Devaraya University;with her schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya. She has 10 years of experience as Chemistry Faculty. She has joined SVIS as a Chemistry teacher for the senior secondary and secondary students.

Nihita Ranjan

Ms. Nihita has done her M.Sc in Ecology & Environment from Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment, New Delhi. She finished her post graduation in Educational administration from Symbiosis Pune. Moreover she has also a B.Ed degree. She has 11 years of experience as a Science Teacher. She is Junior Head of the Department of  Science. Presently she is working as a Grade-8 teacher for SVIS.


Ms. M.Sangeetha is MSc. in Org.Chemistry, B.Ed. She has done her B.Ed. internship in St. Anns High School, Bolarum. Currently she is working as Grade 5 teacher for SVIS. Her strength is that she is optimistic. She is also flexible and punctual. Besides she possesses efficient leadership qualities.

Ms.P. Rachana

Ms. Rachana is a B.Com, B.Ed. She has also done her MBA.  She is a highly energetic and enthusiastic individual, specializing in English and Social Sciences. Presently she is working as Grade 3 teacher for SVIS.