Social Science Department

The Child is the Light And Life of The Nation

Rama Devi

Having worked as a teacher in CAL Public School and Vignan High School, Hyderabad, Rama Devi is an M.Com B.Ed. She has joined SVIS as a Primary Teacher for Grade I. Her career objective is to fulfill the goals of the organization to the best of her ability.

Ms. Kiran Sharma

Ms. Kiran Sharma has worked as a Primary teacher in various CBSE schools. She is a B.A. (Hons) in Political Science and has done her B.Ed from M.D. University. She teaches English and EVS to Grade I and III. Her devotion to duty and sincerity of purpose is commendable.

N. B. Suma

Suma comes to SVIS with 14 years of experience in the field of education. She is an MA, B.Ed. She is handling Grade III at present.

Ms. Shiva Kumari - HOD

She is an M.A., B. Ed and has joined SVIS as a Social Science teacher for Grades IV and V. She has worked four years in Satyam Public School and eight years in Indian Pupils School. She is highly energetic and confident. She manages the class well and has a good class control.

Ms. Sirisha Reddy

Shirisha is a post graduate and has 7 years of working experience as a social science teacher. She is also perusing her B.Ed degree from IGNOU. She is sincere and hardworking. Her objective is to grow with the organisation she is a part of.

Ms. Sumana Ghosh

Having done her M.A. in History, Sumana went on to do her B.E.D, from the University of Calcutta. She has taught in the primary section of St. Michael’s School, Secunderabad. She is teaching S. Sciences to the middle school in SVIS.

Ms.E. Rajalaxmi - Social Science Teacher

Ms. Rajalaxmi joined SVIS IN 2015. She has done her M.A in History from Osmania University Hyderabad. She has also done her B.Ed in Bharathi Dasan University Chiruchirapally. She has 18 years experience of teaching in ICSC syllabus and also 13 years experience in Grade IX and X as a class teacher.Her skills lie in teaching effectively with innovative ideas in Social Science.

Ms. M. Padmavathy

Ms. Padmavathy joined SVIS IN 2015. She has done her from Osmania University Hyderabad. She has also done her B.Ed in Osmania University Hyderabad and PGDSA from BDPS Mumbai. She has 4 years experience in teaching. She is a class teacher of Grade IV.

Geeta Suryawanshi

She has done her Masters in Economics from Osmania University. She has 12 years of experience as a Social Science Teacher. Sincere, hardworking, confident; Geeta has good communication skills too. She is analytically strong, punctual in maintaining deadlines and has the ability to reach ou to people.


She has done her MBA in Finance & HR. She has 4 years experience in Teaching Social Science. She is good in communication skills. Currently she is working as a Primary teacher for SVIS. She is very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching.