The Child is the Light And Life of The Nation

Ms. Bhavana

Bhavana Joshi, a post graduate from Nagpur University, is our PET and has a B.P.Ed. degree too from Nagpur University. With 13 years of experience in various schools in the twin cities, Bhavana wants to leverage her skills and achieve growth for SVIS students.

Mr. Arun

He joined SVIS as a Physical Instructor and a Cricket Coach. He has a U.G. Diploma in Physical Education and has an experience of working in Jain Heritage Cambridge School, Kondapur and in Abhyasa Residential School in Toopran. He has also worked at Jain International School, Kalakal. His strength lies in the fact that he is hard working and has excellent motivational skills. He also has the ability to take up responsibilities given to him.

Ms. G. Shilpa

She has a degree in Physical training from Amravati University. She is part of the PET department and her strengths are- a positive attitude, hard work and honesty. She has technical skills too in computers.


V.Padma Reddy is a qualified B-PED. She has very good analytical and logical skills. By nature, she is a very responsible and a hardworking teacher. She has four years of experience as a Physical Education teacher and has put in 2 years at Meridian Concept School. She has a positive attitude and is committed to her work.

Ms. Rajani

Rajani is a Commerce graduate from IGNOU. She has diversified into PET as she is passionate about Basket Ball and is a National player. She has worked as a hand ball coach in Mamatha School and in S. Angne's High School. Her objective she says is to give the institution her best contribution.