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Orientation 2017-18

A Happy mind is the greatest aid to a healthy body-JP VASWANI.

Play group, Nursery, PPI, PPII, Grade I & II

ORIENTATION –15th April 2017.

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen.

A very warm welcome to all the parents. We are happy to have you in our family. We thank you for choosing SVIS and for reposing your faith in us. We are delighted to inform you that your children are soon settling down in school and are getting to know their respective teachers. They are also forming their own favourites and also making new friends.


We begin our day in the Sanctuary Hall where slokas are recited and stories are told to stir the little souls, which contribute to their value education. In fact we would like all of you to sit with your child and read the Mira Magazine, Dil ka Dwar Khol, and East and West Series.  It is from this magazine that stories are told to the children.  


We have divided the students into houses and they shall have competitions house wise and class wise. You may please go through their diaries to keep abreast of all the competitions and activities to be held in school. You may prepare them before hand for the elimination rounds that will take place in the class a few days before the actual competition.


In fact we request you to cooperate with the school so that the progress of your child is guaranteed.

  • We suggest that you fill in Student’s Personal Record of both the pages Pg 1 and Pg 2  of your child’s diary as it is very important that the child carries information about him at all times. Besides we have designed ID cards for the children such that all information about the child is around his neck.
  • We have a nap time for all Play group, Nursery students; so we request the parents to send one soft cushion which the child can use. Please name it so we can return it at the end of the year.
  • Please read the School Almanac very carefully for the rules and regulations as also for communicating with your ward’s teacher. You may send notes to the teacher but do inform her through your child if he is big enough to do so or call the school office. Please note the holidays on page no 29.Also note that we do not send a circular for a listed holiday.
  • All parents should check their child’s diary everyday for any circular or a note from the teacher and acknowledge the circular /note by signing it. The circulars sent should be taken away by the parents and preserved in a folder at home for further reference. It is very important that you send a leave letter whenever your child is absent. For upto 2 days of leave” the parent needs to send a note in the Leave Application page in the diary and in case of more than2 days: a leave application or an e-mail has to be sent to the Principal with a medical certificate, where necessary.

PTM meetings are mandatory. We give you the dates in the diary, page 28; a  year in advance; so you should make sure that you keep yourself free on that day. It will be on ‘first-come–first-served’ basis and each parent should not take more than 10 minutes to talk to the teacher.Kindly adhere to the time line strictly. The children must come in School Uniform if they are accompanying their parents. PLEASE FOLLOW OUR SECURITY AND DRIVERS’ INSTRUCTIONS AND DO NOT PARK YOUR VEHICLES OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL PREMISES. THE NEIGHBOURS HAVE THREATENED TO DAMAGE YOUR VEHICLES IF PARKED ON THE ROAD. IN SUCH A CASE THE SCHOOL SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE.

  • In case of change of phone numbers or change of address, please let us know immediately. In case your child has any medical problem; it is important that you tell the teacher and also inform us if your child is on some medication which has to be administered in school. (Please give us alternate numbers; both of the mother and the father.)
  • We also suggest that you do not ring up the teacher at home if you want to know the progress of your child. All phone calls should be routed through the school office even if you want an appointment with the concerned teacher. Parents must not go to the classrooms to meet their child’s teacher as it disturbs the teacher and it is not fair on the other children.
  • Please do not send any money if orally conveyed by coaches. If we need you to send some money, we shall send a written note. In case you need to send some money/fee to the office; please put in an envelope and seal it, addressed to the Principal. You may hand it to the teacher in the bus. In her absence, you may give it to the driver and please inform us on the phone.
  • It has been noticed that some parents spoil the ayahs by tipping them to look after their children. Please refrain from doing so as it is not fair on the other students; it is unethical and the purpose of keeping the ayah for all the kids gets defeated. Besides; the school has to face a lot of discipline problems.
  • We have also observed that the parents go straight to the class to fetch their ward and also walk right out of the school without informing the office. Please refrain from doing so. You must come to the office if you have to either give something to the child or to take him/her home. I am sure you will understand that we have to follow this strictly for security reasons.
  • At times, children are prone to soil their clothes. If you could buy them an apron, they could use it for their meals and also for their art class. One pair of shorts and t-shirt and under clothes should be in the child’s bag at all times in case they soil their uniform. (3 or 4 under pants are very essential at this point)
  • In case your child needs a cardigan or a sweater, please buy him/her a dark navy blue one. We would like all the students to wear Plain Black Socks - calf length and Black Campus shoes with a Velcro. Please try our vendor Mr. Altaf Charaniya ph. No: 8801637511, 040-66811168. Shop Name – 2 Way Option, Chandralok Complex, Paradise Circle.
  • Parents of girls should make sure that their hair is combed neatly away from their face into plaits and tied with dark blue/black ribbons. All girls should wear cycling shorts (BLACK OR NAVY BLUE) and they should be shorter than their skirts. Parents of boys should make sure that they go for a hair cut from time to time and no fringes please.
  • Sports uniform- Nur to I will wear their Sports uniforms on Thursdays as they have mass drill on this day.


  • (PPI Upwords) All parents are required to give 6 sharpened Pencils, 6 erasers and 6 sharpeners in a box, labeled with their name and class on it. The teacher will keep this with her in the classroom for the child’s use for the second half of the year. (PP I- throughout the year). You may keep one set at home for use, in case the child wants to do some worksheets at home.
  • Shoes, bags, water bottles, sweaters, lunch boxes, socks, napkins, books – all should be labeled.
  • Book covers with the printed school name are only for the note books. You may cover the text books with any ordinary brown cover.
  • ID Cards should be worn every day. The old students must wear their old ID Cards till such time that we can provide new ones.
  • Old students may buy a spare uniform from the same vendor and Grade PPII going to Grade I may also buy a second uniform too. Sport uniforms will be given due course. 
  • Please make your wards do Practice work during summer vacation in their text books and worksheets
  • Library books will be given to all students from Nursery onwards. Please read the books to your children and return them in a week’s time. Please handle the books with care.
  • We introduce letters with phonics at Nursery  level and it continues in the succeeding classes up to Grade III.   
  • In the text books there is a CD and parents guide attached kindly remove it and go through it.
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Please see that your Childs hair and nails are trimmed from time to time. No nail polish and mehendi please.
  • Simple living and high thinking is our motto- so see that your daughters wear no gold ornaments or fancy hair pins, or watches. School will not be responsible for any losses whatsoever. Adhere to the school uniform at all times; even on PTM days.
  • Please note that the students must come to school in their regular school uniform even on their birthdays. They may bring biscuits/eggless cake for students of their class only and their class teacher/teachers. No child will be allowed to go out to other classes to distribute biscuits.
  • Competitions/activities are held every week and for some activities-example; music, recitation, story -telling- the concerned teachers will have elimination rounds in class before the competition. It is possible that the child may be disappointed. We require your cooperation to counsel the child. We give them regular chances to take part in various activities in the assembly.


  • Along with the usual breakfast, we are serving the students lunch too. The Menu for the month is available on the school web-site. Of course, a glass of milk also goes with it.
  • The menu for lunch is rice, dal, lentils and chappatis. We vary the lentils and the veggies and even the rice; giving them lemon rice one day and plain the other and pulao the third or vegetable fried rice. If it is biryani or pulao, then there is raita to go with it. Let me tell you, I have been observing the kids and they are enjoying it. The whole process of sitting and eating together and then picking up their plate to put it in the kitchen helps them socialize and also learn etiquette. It is more then just a meal.
  • In fact many parents haven’t still told us if they want their child to opt for lunch. Please inform the office before you go home. This will help us streamline the process. Other parents will then have to send lunch for their child even if they get over by one p.m. Kindly pack just enough food for your child to eat comfortably and sustain for three hours. Provide a spoon and napkin with the lunch box.


You will be delighted to know that the school has now a strength of 3000 plus and still counting. We have increased the number of buses too now to 125. The bus routes have been set and the children love travelling by it. I am sure you will understand the constraints we are facing as our children come from far flung areas. Some parents have been requesting us to allow the bus to pick up their children from their houses directly; I hope you will understand that this isn’t possible. If the bus picks each child from the by-lanes, try and imagine how late the last child will be when he is finally dropped at his destination. You may think of your child, we must think of all children.

We entreat you to please cooperate with us and strictly adhere to the pick up timings of the bus. I am sure you know the universal rule regarding buses. You have to wait for the bus; the bus doesn’t wait for you and it is not always possible to have the rule of - the first pick is the first drop.

 Those of you who haven’t paid up the fees- term, annual, food and bus;  please do so or a late fee will be levied.


 The fact that your child has graduated and has gone to Grade I is in itself a huge milestone in the life of your child. Your child entered a ten year period of formal education. But he/she is still a little boy/girl. So do not expect too much from your child. Give them a little time and a little space. The first few months may be tough for you but you can imagine how tough it is for your little boy or girl. Be patient: is all I would like to say. Work with them at home on the practice worksheets. It is important that parents give some time to academics of their child. You must also see that whatever is done in school is followed up at home even cursive writing.  We shall be sending you the work done in class by your child, in a folder. You may take a look at it and return the same the following Monday. After a period of each month” the parents should remove the old worksheets and file them up at home and send only the latest one.

Two Wednesday Tests cycle of 20 Marks each in I term & II term.

Term I and Term II exams will be of 30 Marks.

The text-book, note book and revision sheets of a particular subject according to Wednesday Schedule will sent one week ahead with the portion.

I would like to conclude with a saying of our beloved dada – JP Vaswani “ Look after your children. They are your greatest treasure”.

 Thank you


School Brochure

School Brochure